Windy Cuban flag


This flag measures 36 inches long and 20 inches tall. It is carved from a single piece of thick pineboard and attached to a high quality plywood. These ripples will be deep and they will stand out. You will receive compliments on this piece. We have made and shipped hundreds of flags all over the United States. We have seen the reaction people have when they see our flags but when they see the wavy American flag that is made from wood, that reaction, is by far the most impressive.

The processing time for this Cuban flag is 2-3 weeks. During that time you will receive progress photos because there is nothing worse than tempering that excitement while you are waiting to receive your item.

This weighs approximately 25 lbs and includes hanging hardware, D-Rings, on the back so your flag will be ready to be hung right away. This is a high-caliber American flag and we hope to receive some excellent high-caliber photos of your new flag hung proudly in your home!