Betsy Ross | Chiseled


This beautiful handcrafted wooden Betsy Ross American flag is hand carved, charred and painted to perfection. Each star has been chiseled as well which makes this a very strong combination of rustic and patriotic. Of all the flags I make this has to be one of my favorites. I love this rendition of the Betsy Ross flag and that it’s showcased throughout history.

This flag is made from 13 separate strips of wood that have individually been carved to give the flag this particular look. I put a protective coating over the painted wood to seal flag and offer it additional protection. This wood American flag wall art is red, blue and instead of white I leave the wood it’s natural tones. The stars match the stripes. I can also do this same style with white stripes as well but this style is infinitely more popular.

The processing time for this flag is 1-2 weeks and hanging hardware is included on the back for easy hanging.

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