The Dream Bunk Bed House

Like most parents we found that bedtime was quite an ordeal.  Our two boys share a room and they essentially want to keep partying and not go to bed when they are supposed to which lead us to the thought that we needed to make bedtime more exciting.  The concept of making not just a bunk bed but a bunk bed house was something we made into a reality.  You should know that we are huge fans of fixer upper and most things HGTV so we took our inspiration from those shows, made some shiplap, customized the window frames to really bring out a farmhouse style home.  Bunk Bed House

The house holds two twin size mattresses which can be folded through the entrance and fits quite nicely. There are eight windows total and just under a million pocket hole screws!  Big shout out to kregjig.  They are not sponsoring this blog but if anyone is looking to get started in woodworking I highly recommend using their tools.  We wrapped this project up months ago and I am happy to report that bedtime is no longer an issue.  Our boys love having their own space and we often see them playing house and looking out their windows.  I think the biggest feelings of happiness you will have in your entire life come when you are a child and as a parent the only thing that comes close to that is seeing your own children experience that kind of happiness for themselves. When we showed them this house for the first time they lost their minds!  It will always be something I remember forever. 


Bunk Bed HouseBunk Bed HouseBunk Bed HouseBunk Bed HouseBunk Bed House