About Us

It started off by making a couple of pieces that we went on to sell without much intent of ever starting a business. The reactions we were receiving will always be something we will remember. All we had done was take something made of wood, and turned it into something else but the level of gratitude we were receiving made us want to chase that feeling and develop our talents.

Not long after that we were up and running. My wife and I had two children under the age of 4 when we started the company. Each night we would put the boys to bed and stay up until about 2:00 AM making projects. Back then we were in a little townhouse which did not have a garage so we literally had to fit our tools in a little closet. Our only option was to set up shop and break it down every night. We crammed our flags into our guest bathroom because we didn't have anywhere else to put them.

I've always been grateful for that part of our story. I'm also grateful those days are over and am so appreciative of the success we have had from our business. It changed everything for us and now have a beautiful property that also has a garage. Now we have three kids and still don't get much sleep but I think that's just okay!